diary of a star

by hunter k chico

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for the majority of these songs i was watching the office so that's why there's talking in the backgrounds.

started march 27th 2017 finished ???


released March 27, 2017



all rights reserved


Hunter K Chico Calgary, Alberta

Hello, I'm Hunter Keaton Chico. I live in Canada. Just making music for me and my thoughts before i bottle them up and become too sad.

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Track Name: diary of a star
hatteras lighthouse. running through the waters tides. i can’t skip a rock for my life. shooting stars fly by. i got your hand in mine. let's make a wish. keep us close in the future bliss

down in north carolina’s towns. sneaking up on hotel rooftop.
aries so bright. i gotta close my eyes but she was dancing in the stardust. she is my everything

this is the diary of a star, this is for you. you know who you are.
Track Name: midnight blues
i know they call me crazy, i think that is nice. but i don't wanna be crazy, i just wanna be fine and great. kissing girls in the rain. playing all those games but all i want is you.

i wear my hat on backwards, i think its really cool. lets go out for a walk and lets hit those midnight blues. blues. dancing under the moon. all i see is you and all i want is you.
Track Name: star bright
i'm in love with a girl who treats me nice
i will reassure you she's the one i want
i'm in love with a girl who makes me laugh
i will reassure you she's the one that i need

i look up to skies and stargaze through the night. i hope she will find me... dancing in the star brights. ocean tides, big blue eyes for you.
i’m a bit staggered and a little surprised by everything she's done for me, she’s heaven on earth. i will tie you up in big knots, i want you by my side.

i'm in love with a girl who treat me right
i'm in love with a girl who has two cats
i'm in love with a girl who rarely sleeps
i'm in love with a girl who loves me back

and i think thats alright cause I’m her biggest fan, thats all right

i'm in love with a girl ooo
Track Name: lizzy and abel
I’m in love with freckled constellations, they dance over her nose. we could be like lizzy and abel. i can call you my star girl, well? maybe you can call me your star boy. its a starlight bliss, oh girl.
Track Name: then and now
dear pal, you know that dream that you've been having? i smoked us up into flames. you screamed my name.
and i wrote this song in hopes that you would hear me out and i have nothing to say now so please be so kind to me.

watch out. there's something hiding behind you and i can't seem to fight him off. it's you and me drinking soda pop, that's what she says and we would be so cute. running around 5 star hotels, teaching each other how to do spells, confused about the puzzles now.
when you were ten and i was twelve, i learned how to do the rubric's cube now and you fought back. I screamed your name in this burning house where monsters lived but we were fine, just two kids with creative minds. but you've let go of those times now though.

you use to say that broken heart can always be fixed with a little glue and a little bit of tape too and i saw you on the floor with shattered pieced all over your room. this is us. we're all grown up, drinking from the bottles, scared of the future. but look at you and look and me too. you're my queen and i can be your king and together we can conquer this world